Who are we?

Unity Building in SCW


Unity of Surprise was founded in June 2002 by Reverend Billie Martini and 15 dedicated supporters.

Today we meet in Sun City West and have over 100 members and many more attendees.

In our 15th year as a community of love, we honor diversity and value worshiping, learning and growing spiritually in a safe, fun environment.

We offer inspiring Sunday Worship Celebrations, spectacular music, a foundation of prayer, spiritual education classes and workshops, a Men’s and Women’s group, a bookstore, a coffee bar service staffed with Baristas’ and many social events.

Our Mission

Is to love, serve and inspire all people as we celebrate our connection to God and to one another.

Our Purpose

Unity of Surprise teaches and demonstrates the Truth of our Divinity and the joys of living the Christ life.

Core Values

Living our purpose and our mission, we affirm our oneness, demonstrate unconditional love and acceptance, teach Truth, embrace diversity and change, and dwell in a consciousness of prayer. We are committed to letting our light shine and to bringing the light and the Unity teachings to all seekers in our community and beyond.

Meet Our Minister

 Reverend Billie Martini


Reverend Billie, born in Minnesota, raised in South Dakota, lived in North Dakota and Nebraska before moving to Arizona over 40 years ago. She has owned several businesses and comes to the ministry after a satisfying career in volunteer management. She was on staff at Unity of Phoenix as Volunteer Coordinator for several years and also worked at Unity Village, MO, in the Public Relations Department. She was a volunteer manager for other non-profit organizations and served Unity of Sun City as assistant minister for two years.

She is committed to service and has served as President of the SW Region Board and on the Policy Team as a mentor for the Field Licensing Program. She also serves as a volunteer in the community as time permits.

Her hobbies include dining at new and different restaurants with her husband Ralph, family and friends, reading, and caring for her “fur” children. She has one son Brad and a wonderful daughter-in-law, Beth.

Her greatest joy as a minister is to celebrate and support the greatness in everyone.



Meet Our Staff


Reverend James Crowley – Minister of Music

Reverend James Crowley began working in Unity churches in the spring of 1993, as a soloist. And this year, 2013, he is celebrating twenty years of being a part of the Unity movement. He has always enjoyed playing piano and singing, and making music in general. In the past, he composed scores for several musicals, one of which enjoyed a small production in New York City.

In addition to working as a music minister, James has written three children’s novels, two of which are scheduled for release this year. Finally, after so many years in Unity, he felt it was time, and has completed the path to ordination. James has been music director at Unity Church of Surprise for ten years.


Kathryn Clouther.4

Kathryn Clouther – Administrator

Kathryn Clouther discovered Arizona in her mid 30’s after a vacation brought her to Scottsdale over spring break with her young family. It’s always been her dream to return some day. That dream came true when her beloved husband, Ken transferred to Phoenix from Coconut Creek, FL trading the moist heat of Florida for the dry heat of the desert. Like the pioneers, Kathryn longed secretly to explore the wild west.

Along with an adventurist spirit, Kathryn enjoys music, nature, arts and crafts, and sewing. In the fall of 2014, she discovered a hidden talent in painting and in a short time produced 9 paintings using the media of acrylics. As the season of spring brings change Kathryn follows the desires of her inner being and is led by her love of Spirit to the wonderful community of Surprise where she found a home in the Unity Church. She celebrates her tenth year supporting Reverend Billie in the growth of this ministry. Her organizational and computer skills along with her creativity and love of people landed her the dream job she’s always wanted. One of her favorite quotes: “Home is where the heart is”. Welcome home.



Linda Vincent

Reverend Linda Vincent – Minister of Sacred Service

Reverend Linda Vincent came to Unity of Surprise from Irvine, CA where she was employed as a Hospice Chaplain after graduating from Unity Institute in 2010. Reverend Linda’s main passion is Pastoral care, having been a chaplain trainer at Unity of Laguna Woods, CA where she had been a member for 16 years.

In the spring of 2016, Reverend Linda became a member of Unity of Surprise Church. In addition to accepting the position as volunteer Coordinator, Reverend Linda is also a Reiki Practitioner offering Reiki Sessions at Unity of Surprise on Wednesdays by appointment.




Richard Masters framed

Richard Masters – Monitor

Born and raised in Madison Wisconsin. Richard attended high school and the University of Wisconsin in Madison. He worked in the County Level Social Work and Financial Aid from 1965 – 1990 in three different counties agencies. In 1990, Richard went to Technical school, earning a degree in Computer Programming. He worked for American Family Insurance as a computer Programmer until 2000 when he retired. In 1974, Richard met his wife Patti and her daughters later marrying in June of 1979. The family moved to Surprise Arizona in November of 2007 and have been settled here since. They now live in Sun City West.




Meet the Board of Trustees

Our Board of Trustees shall consist of the Senior Minister and six (6) Trustees elected from the membership of the Church. No elected Trustee shall serve more than two (2) consecutive three (3) year terms without an interval of one (1) year between terms. Officers of the Board shall consist of a President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer. All officers shall be selected at the March board retreat in a manner decided by the Board. Officers shall hold their respective offices for one (1) year or until their successors are elected. Prayer is important in addition to adhering to the normal procedures for legal functioning set forth in the Bylaws, that the spiritual principles taught by Unity be utilized in the handling of decisions before the Board of Trustees. during the discussion of an item of business, any Trustee may request time for prayer about the issue.

2017 Board of Trustees


Back Row, Left to Right: Lynda Thomas, Joyce Miller, Steve Brock, Rev. Denise Landes, Gene Biever

Front Row, Left to Right: Sandra Helm, Reverend Billie Martini and Mary Jane Mendias


Sandra Helm – President

Sandra Helm is a retired collection officer from the California District Attorney’s office. She admits to shopping for a church in Arizona for a while… that is until she attended Unity Church of Surprise which has since become her home ever since. Sandra’s love of meditation led her to the Tuesday morning hour Faith Lift class led by Reverend Billie Martini. During a meditation, Sandra states, “I felt the need to be open to different ways I could serve the spiritual community of Unity of Surprise”. She had already committed to membership and to becoming a Prayer Chaplain.

God heard her openness and a week later presented Sandra with the possibility of joining the board. Her willingness to be open to the experience has led her to just this place and opportunity to serve. Thank you, Sandra for having a servant’s heart and to be open to new challenges. We’re delighted to have you on the Board of Trustees.


Mary Jane Mendias – Vice President

I began my Unity life by using the Daily Word. The comfort that I gained from its pages led me to join Unity of Phoenix where I attended services with my husband Louie and two sons, Chris and Nick. As life took me through my journey, I became a widow, retired from a 30-year career with the City of Phoenix and traveled throughout Arizona and California.

I purchased my home in Surprise, AZ in 2009 to be near my two new grandson’s Joseph and Xavier. I began looking for a place where my spirit could soar with like minds and I found Reverend Billie and Unity of Surprise and became a member in 2012. I volunteered for the Woman’s Tea, began working as a receptionist every Monday and then took on Team Leader of the bookstore. I am now a member of the Prosperity Team.

My life has been transformed and I look forward to all of the wonderful options that are open to me at Unity of Surprise.


Reverend Denise Landes – Treasurer

Serving on the Board of Trustees has been a very rewarding experience for me. In the past six (6) years, I have learned so much about how a church operates and it is my hearts desire to see Unity of Surprise continue to grow and thrive.

Being on the Board of Trustees has given me many opportunities to grow and to become all that God has created me to be and I need to continue on that path. Unity of Surprise has become my spiritual family and I am very dedicated to serving God and my family in the highest way I can.

I promise that I will continue to stand true to the spiritual principles that Charles and Myrtle Fillmore have taught us and to always look to God for the right and perfect answers to any challenges our church family may face. Together we have created a wonderful, loving, spiritual family and we will continue to spiritually grow and make a difference in lives of everyone we meet.



Lynda Thomas – SecretaryLynda Thomas

I’m Linda Thomas. I’ve been attending Unity of Surprise for seven (8) years and been a member for five (5) years. I’ve attended many churches in my life but had never become a member, so it was a big decision/commitment to join our wonderful, caring family.

I’ve met many of you in various volunteer capacities at the church. I’ve helped with hospitality set up, was on the Cleaning Crew Team on Friday mornings, was Team Leader for the Beautification Team and enjoyed decorating the church for holidays for a few years, planned Playful Sisters events, made birthday brunches and staffed the coffee cart on Sundays as one of the Baristas. I am happy serving my spiritual family. I look forward to joining the board!

My husband Frank and I have lived in Arizona for 16 years. Before that, we lived in the Emerald City of Seattle. We have three grown children between us and one granddaughter. One of my pleasures is to spend time with them.

Frank and I are creative tinkerers and always seem to be up to something. Our newest project is the renovation of a 1980’s home in Sun City West so that it can reflect more of who we are.

Thank you for your vote.




Steve Brock – Discernmentarian

Steve was born in Detroit, Michigan. He was adopted at 6 months old. Steve attended both Catholic and Public School.

He lived in Mexico City for a year and a half while attending high school when his dad’s employer moved the family to Mexico. The family moved back to the states where Steve finished high school and attended community college.

His work experience was in the Retail Sales Field selling appliances. In 2015, after the passing of his wife of 28 years, he moved to Arizona and now lives in Sun City where he is the Chairman of his Condominium Board. Steve has also been Treasurer of the Optimist Club, Secretary of a Church Men’s club, and Trustee of a Fraternal Organization.

He loves living in Arizona and attending Unity of Surprise. He considers it an honor and a privilege to be a new member of the 2017 Board of Trustees. He feels blessed and thanks to the members for putting their trust in him. Steve’s motto: ‘Ask not what Unity of Surprise can do for him, but rather ask what he can do for Unity of Surprise. His purpose will then be fulfilled.’



Gene Biever – Member at Large

Have a wonderful, blessed and healthy day and life!

I have been on a spiritual search all my life! Raised in South Dakota. I finished medical school at the University of Nebraska in 1958. Did 30 years of Family Practice in Spokane, Washington. During most of those years, I went from church to church always looking for that special something missing in my life. When I was 40 years old I started going to A.A. and was told that it was a spiritual program, not a religious program. I had always thought that they were synonymous. This opened the door to a whole new world to me.

In November 1981, shortly after my wife Jeanne had come into my life, I received a phone call from a man I had been sponsoring in A.A. He invited us to his upcoming wedding at the Unity Church in Spokane. I had never heard of this church and asked him why he went there. He extolled its virtues, saying how well it fits with the 12 Steps of A.A. The next Sunday Jeanne and I went there and found our new church home.

In November of 1988, I experienced a Near Death Experience which proved to be an awesome life changing experience!!

In 1991 I returned to South Dakota and spent the next 20 years working as a physician for the Indian Health Service on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.

I have used hypnosis in my medical practice since its inception. In the last 25 years, I have used it almost exclusively doing past life regression work. My intent is to start offering this type experience in the near future, by appointment only.


Meet the Wisdom Council

The Wisdom Council consists of Board of Trustee members whom have completed their terms(s) in office and remain supportive and dedicated to the Board of Trustees as mentors. Wisdom Council members do not vote. All committee members serve one (1) year terms.

Joyce Miller

Joyce Miller

I consider myself to be very blessed in having a life filled with challenges and sweet successes. Looking back over the years, there are some outstanding moments that stand out in my memories. I have been blessed with four children who have become loving and successful adults; I have had the opportunity to be the first female to open her own Polygraph suite in 1975; the opportunity to work with my past husband in creating Tucson Map & Flag Center which we later sold and enjoyed six years of traveling; the opportunity to create Rock Your World (a gem and mineral business which I’m still involved with). I loved living in Tucson and thought I’d never leave there, but after my husband of 24 years suddenly died I was drawn to move to Sun City Grand where I started life anew.

One of my first discoveries in Surprise, AZ was Unity of Surprise where I felt very welcomed and it has become a big part of my life. I initiated a Drumming Circle (something I had been doing in Tucson previously) thanks to the generosity of Reverend Billie, I started making new friends. I became a board member of Unity of Surprise in 2009 where my life took on a new meaning and purpose.

Because of the rewarding experience of being a member of Unity of Surprise. I decided to remain on the board for an additional three years. Having fulfilled my board service now in 2017, I will move to the Wisdom Council for 1 year and continue my support of Unity of Surprise. I feel Reverend Billie has pioneered a church with the intent of expanding the Christ Light within us, and the presence of unconditional love to those who not only attend our meetings but to the community we live in. It is a pleasure and a divine opportunity to be of service, thank you for making this possible.


Membership in Unity

Rather than being a system of worship. Unity is a way of life. Members are asked to do their best to live the Truth teachings on a daily basis. The objective of Unity affiliation is to help people live more effective, Spirit-centered lives. Unity is a present-tense approach to the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Unity people unite in order that they might minister more effectively to one another and to others. By our commitment in the sharing of consciousness in membership, we become the channel by which others, too, are blessed in their lives.

Each Unity ministry is an individual corporation, affiliated with the parent corporation, Unity Worldwide Ministries. Each ministry is an individual corporate entity; it is entirely self-governed. A Board of Trustees is elected from the membership at an annual membership meeting. The Board of Trustees conducts the business affairs of the ministry in cooperation with the minister, who is the spiritual and administrative leader of the ministry.



A member of Unity is one who lives its Truth and its services and who supports that love and services as fully as possible. Emphasis is placed on the spiritual value of tithing.

For the most part, all other services are offered on a free-will love offering basis.

As we accept membership in Unity, we have a definite part in our ministry through attendance, prayers, and involvement. We commit to a moral responsibility of spiritual and material support according to our own consciousness.

In Unity, a premium is put on prayer – a special kind of prayer. We practice a style of prayer known as denial, affirmation and silent meditation. This kind of prayer frees us from limitation by acknowledging the indwelling presence of God (which is also called the Christ within) as the only power and allowing divine qualities to flow through our minds, hearts, bodies, and affairs.

Jesus Christ plays an important role in the Unity lifestyle. We recognize Jesus Christ as the ultimate Way-Shower to the truly spiritual life. Through His teachings and the example of His life, He has provided us with the insights necessary for an understanding of our own spiritual selves. Through this understanding, life is enhanced, enriched, and expanded.

Come, let us pray together

Let us serve together,

Let us join together

to experience the kingdom

of God, of life, peace, and unity.