Question: How is the priest greedy in the Pearl?

Is the priest greedy in the pearl?

The priest in the novel is greedy and materialistic. When he gets news about the pearl, he starts planning on how to get it. … He wondered what the pearl would be worth. He also wondered whether he had baptised Kino’s baby or married him for that matter.

What did the priest do in the pearl?

The priest

The local village priest ostensibly represents moral virtue and goodness, but he is just as interested in exploiting Kino’s wealth as everyone else, hoping that he can find a way to persuade Kino to give him some of the money he will make from the pearl.

Who was greedy in the pearl?

Kino Loses Everything Due to Greed

Kino becomes so obsessed with the things that the pearl can bring them, that when Juana tries to sneak out in the middle of the night to get rid of the pearl, he attacks her.

How greed is shown in the pearl?

The pearl has unleashed basic greed in the fishing town. While Juana had initially prayed to find a pearl simply to have the money to pay the doctor, the pearl quickly comes to symbolize the possibility of personal gain for everyone in the town.

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Is Kino responsible for Coyotito’s death?

In reverting to this animalistic strategy, Kino inadvertently transforms his own son into an animal, leading to Coyotito’s death by an indiscriminate gunshot on the part of the trackers, who mistake the baby’s cry for that of a coyote.

How is the priest described in the pearl?

The priest is described as an older man, but someone who continues to be observant. Sadly, his first words to Kino are not concerns about the health of his son, or an offered prayer, but rather, a reminder to give thanks to God…… and the church. From the text, we can infer that he is also condescending.

How does the priest react to the pearl?

Priest: When the priest hears it, he gets thoughtful and thinks of all the repairs the church needs. He wonders how much the pearl would be worth. He doesn’t even know if he did these things, but now it seems important. Maybe he can get some of that money to make repairs to the church.

Is the priest in the pearl bad?

The priest may not be as bad as the doctor, but he’s pretty dang close. He seems to have as little regard for the natives, and his only potentially redeeming factor is be that he doesn’t physically harm anyone in his pursuit of the pearl’s wealth.

What does the priest tell Kino?

The priest is relieved to find that Kino and Juana plan to marry in the church and tells Kino to pray for guidance on how to spend the rest.

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How is greed a theme?

Greed has been said to be one of man’s fatal flaw. Greed can convince you to do things you otherwise would never have done. It’s just the thought of being able to hold so much power that drives men and woman to do outrageous and unlikely actions.

How are the pearl buyers greedy in the pearl?

Kino’s reactions and words show the greed that the pearl buyers demonstrate by offering Kino such a low price for his valuable pearl. Although the pearl buyers know what Kino’s pearl is truly worth, they feel the need to cheat him by giving him less pesos than his pearl actually deserves.

Has he any money the pearl?

“Has he any money? No, they never have any money. I, I alone in the world am supposed to work for nothing–and I am tired of it.

How is poverty shown in the pearl?

Poverty is shown in “The Pearl” as an inevitable accompaniment to colonial oppression. Like other indigenous folk, Kino and his family occupy the lowest rungs of the social ladder. … No longer will they have to endure the humiliating grind of poverty; they will be able to live the kind of life previously denied to them.