You asked: What happened to King Jehu in the Bible?

Jehu, Hebrew Yehu, king (c. … Ahab, son of King Omri, was eventually killed in a war with Assyria; during Jehoram’s rule, Jehu accepted the invitation of the prophet Elisha, Elijah’s successor, to lead a coup to overthrow the dynasty of Omri (II Kings 9–10).

What happens to Jehu in the Bible?

They obeyed his commands and Jezebel was instantly killed. Jehu trampled over her body but after he decided to arrange a proper burial due to her royal descent, only her skull, hands and feet remained. The rest of her body was eaten by dogs.

Is King Jehu a good king?

In fact, he was one of the more important kings of ancient Israel. … In fact, from a human perspective, he WAS a successful king. Jehu defeated his enemies and his dynasty lasted for four generations – the longest dynasty of the Northern Kingdom. God used Jehu to punish Ahab, and he nearly eradicated Baal worship.

Which king killed Jehu?

814 до Рождества Христова
Ииуй/Дата и место смерти
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