Classes at Unity of Surprise are not only fun and spirit filled, but an opportunity to meet and make new friends. Check out our Activities and Events. You’ll be glad you did! We are offering several new classes. Be sure to read all the way to the end.


 Mark Your Calendars

You won’t want to miss these events coming up so mark your calendars please!

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A continuing Wednesday class: Buddhism book study meets from 5:30 – 6:30 pm in the Myrtle Room with Lois Bartel. This class will meet on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday’s each month. The first study will be “A Heart as Wide as the World” by Sharon Salzberg.

On the 1st, 3rd, and 5th Wednesday’s from 5:30 to 6:30 pm and Saturday’s “every” month: Insight Meditation -NW Phoenix with Yvonne Bentley from 2:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m. in the Myrtle Fillmore Room. 

Every Wednesday a continuing class: Buddhism Classes 10:30 – noon in the Sanctuary. 

Alternate Monday’s: Love is Eternal Support Group for Widow & Widowers. Next session begins on February 4, 2019. 

Tuesday’s “every” month: Faith Lift with Reverend Denise from 11:00 a.m. – noon in the Sanctuary.                                

Every Tuesday in February: Celebrate your Life class with Reverend Denise from 1:30 – 3:00pm.

Sunday, January 20th and February 17th 2019, Cinema Sunday. Join others at noon for some amazing and inspirational films.  The January 20th film will be “Dhamma Brothers.”  The February 17th film will be “I AM”.


Reiki Sessions Offered on Wednesday’s & Thursday’s

What is Reiki? Reiki is universal energy that the practitioner flows through the hands to promote energy balancing and opportunities for healing and meditation. Each session begins and ends with a silent Reiki prayer and ends with a silent gratitude prayer. Individual appointments for 40 minute Reiki sessions continue to be offered beginning at  9:00 a.m. through 1:00 p.m. An appointment is necessary. Contact the Reiki Master below and set up your appointment. A Love offering is accepted.

Linda Vincent

Reverend Linda Vincent, Reiki Master

Every Wednesday beginning at 11:00 a.m.  An appointment is Necessary.

Phone: 1-949.981.2966


Reverend Carol Ricketts, Reiki Master

An appointment is Necessary.

Phone: 602.677-2023



 Support Groups

Love is Eternal Widows/Widowers  – Support Group

Samantha Decker Stump, M.S., Family Life Education, Certified Grief Recovery SpecialistSammi StumpAlternate MONDAY’S  (February 4, February 16th 2019) from 1:00 – 3:00 PM in the Myrtle Fillmore Room

The isolation that so often is the aftermath of a personal loss can be greatly lessened by reaching out and sharing with others who have had similar experiences and understand you. Some of the emotions you may be experiencing could be: feeling out of the moment and inability to concentrate, feeling overwhelmed, deep alone-ness, desire to be isolated and hiding your pain from others, thinking one will never find love again. All of these systems are part of a normal grieving process and gradually lessen when the time is right for you. There is no right time to be over grief, it is a very individual process. Grief does not move in neat predictable stages but ebbs and flows back and forth; revisiting earlier challenges, and then having courage to reach out again. If you or someone you love is in grief reach out to them and let them know they are not alone and they are welcome at the Widow/Widower support group. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

Recovery Groups

Miracles Happen A.A. 

Tuesdays from 7:00 – 8:00 PM (Open Meeting) We meet weekly. Serenity Room _________________________________________________________________________________

11th Steppers A.A.

Wednesdays from 4:00 – 5:00 PM (Open Meeting) We meet weekly. Serenity Room


Overeaters Anonymous

Mondays from 5 – 6 p.m. & Thursdays from 4:45 – 5:45 PM (We meet weekly in the Serenity Room)


B.B. 164 A.A.

Thursdays from 6:30 – 7:30 PM (Closed Meeting) We meet weekly. Serenity Room _________________________________________________________________________________ 

2-Gether We Can Make It – Friday Morning Al-Anon Support Group

Fridays –  11:00 – 12:00 PM (Open Meeting) We meet weekly. Charles Fillmore Room