Is it legal to ask for SIN number?

Since it is not against the law to ask for an individual’s SIN , many private sector organizations do request your SIN . … Your SIN is confidential and your SIN card is not a piece of identification. Your SIN is issued only to you and you have to protect it. You should only provide your SIN when it is required by law.

Who can access SIN number?

The Social Insurance Number (SIN) is a 9 digit number that you need to work in Canada or to have access to government programs and benefits. A SIN is issued to one person only and it cannot legally be used by anyone else. You are responsible for protecting your SIN.

Is a SIN considered personal information?

The SIN is considered to be personal information under the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act ( PIPEDA ); therefore, it’s collection, use, disclosure and protection are covered by this legislation.

Is it okay to send SIN over email?

Never forward an e-mail containing SIN information to an e-mail distribution list. Don’t include a SIN in an e-mail unless a procedure specifies that you may do so. If so, never put the SIN in the subject line of the e-mail. Don’t leave a laptop containing SIN information unattended or in an unlocked location.

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Do I have to show my SIN card to my employer?

According to the Employment Insurance Regulations, which came into force on April 30, 2013, employees are required to provide their SIN to their employer. They may do so by presenting their confirmation of SIN letter, their SIN card or other documentation showing their SIN.

Will CRA ask for your SIN number?

Taxpayers should be vigilant when they receive, either by telephone, mail, text message or email, a fraudulent communication that claims to be from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) requesting personal information such as a social insurance number, credit card number, bank account number, or passport number.

Can someone steal your identity with your SIN number?

Your Social Insurance Number (SIN) is confidential

Your personal information could also be revealed to unauthorized people, which could lead to identity theft and other types of fraud. If someone uses your SIN to work illegally or to obtain credit, you may suffer hardship.

What can someone do with my SIN number?

When the SIN is not linked to you as its rightful owner, another person could receive your government benefits, tax refunds or bank credits. Your personal information could also be revealed to unauthorized people, which could lead to identity theft and other types of fraud.

Do I have to give my SIN number to my bank?

The banks will ask you if you have a SIN because they are obliged to report any interest you earn on money in your account to CRA. However, the banks do not need a SIN to report to CRA.

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Can I use SIN instead of SSN?

In Canada, the Social Insurance Number (SIN) is the equivalent to Social Security Number (SSN) in the U.S. Canadian residents use SINs for government programs and as a source of identification in the private sector.

Can my SIN number be suspended?

We do not suspend SINs.

Can an employer photocopy SIN card?

Employee Responsibilities

Documents should be attached to the employment form, stipend or contract, along with the other required new hire documentation. Any photocopies of the confirmation of SIN letter or SIN card will be securely destroyed by Human Resources once the information is verified.

Do they give out SIN cards anymore?

The 2012 Canadian federal budget contained provisions to phase out the Social Insurance Number cards because they lacked modern security features and could be used for identity theft. As of 31 March 2014, Service Canada no longer issues plastic SIN cards.